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Some Turtles Have Nice Shells

In the bibliography of Tiny Homes on the Move, we mistakenly said this book was out of print. Not so. It’s alive and well and available from Amazon here.

Here is Kevin Kelly’s review of the book on Cool Tools in 2006:

“This is a fabulous picture book of about 400 images of great housetrucks and housebuses (many from the 1970s) with interior shots. Some of the mobile homes are more recent. The houses are built on old truck and bus chassis. Used flatbed trucks can be had today for as little as a few thousand dollars. Both in form and function, these were early, cheap homebuilt RVs. There’s not much how-to in this book; mostly inspirational pictures. It is self-published, and like the self-made homes it covers, the book is very warm, rustic, and cozy. Some of the images are available on the author’s disorganized website. Yeah, you could buy a commercial RV, but these rolling homes have soul. Makes me want to build one.


Roger’s website:

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Nimbus - Electric Iteration on VW Van

“Eduardo Galvani,…a Brazilian artist and designer, has devised the Nimbus: a range-extended electric road-tripper with panoramic glass and on-demand four-wheel drive. The shape of the design study is halfway between the recently discontinued Volkswagen Kombi and an Oscar Mayer Wienermobile, but don’t be deceived by that adorable mien – the Nimbus has world-conquering potential.

The van employs a 180-horsepower electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. A rear-mounted internal-combustion micro-generator keeps the power flowing on the go, abetted by a regenerative braking system and an array of rooftop photovoltaic cells. The drivetrain offers four modes – Energy Saver, Standard Trip, Faster Cruise and 4WD. Fuel consumption – which, admittedly, is just as hypothetical as the rest of the car – is claimed at a rather startling 181mpg, with a cruising range of up to 200 miles. The trip from zero to 62mph takes a relaxed 13 seconds, and the Nimbus will roll on to a top speed of 100mph.…”

This is a concept, not a reality. Details:

Sent in by Jeff McWhinney

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The Shelter Blog and Lloyd's Blog

I’m changing the nature of this blog. I (we—Shelter Publications) are going to focus on building,
carpentry, homes, gardening, and the like on our brand-new — ta-daa:

   It’s been up for a couple of months now, and
its look and function have been steadily improved by Mac Wizard Rick Gordon.
Evan’s doing most of the posting (I’m funneling my posts through him), Lew is
starting at 3 posts a week, and we’re encouraging builders to send us photos
and descriptions of their latest creations.

   We hope to build this up so it’s a player in
digiworld —we’re aiming for some major readership. We don’t think there is any
blog or website out there with the type content we are generating. Think of all
the buildings and builders in our books—now coming out appearances (a slide show and book signing
for Tiny Homes on the Move), and getting such good vibes. It feels like
we’re a tribe. We’re interested in the same things—doing stuff for ourselves
(as much as possible), having a warm, attractive, natural-as-possible
handcrafted home, growing some of our own food…

   Remember, it’s “theshelterblog,” not “shelterblog.” The “the” is necessary to get to the right
place. This blog—my own—will continue to follow my
idiosyncratic path through life. Wherever I go, I’m taking you, the reader,
along with me, riding shotgun. It gives me an extra incentive to explore, to
search, to inquire, to shoot photos—if I can come back and tell others about

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Home is Where You Park It by Foster Huntington

This is Foster’s account of 75,000 miles on the road, a lot of it on California and Baja California beaches, photographing all types of homes on wheels: pickup trucks with camper shells, vans, trailers, and motorcycles. It’s surf-centric, and a book that flows as smoothly as the waves in San Juanico. This is Foster’s tribe of nomadic wanderers, beach-oriented and minimalist. Expensive, but short run color books in small quantities are expensive to print. NOT available thru Amazon.

Click here.

(Foster’s latest vehicle, a 6-speed, Toyota 4×4 with expandable lightweight camper shell, is in Tiny Homes on the Move — it’s the best vehicle I’ve ever seen for serious beach/surf/desert/on-and-off-raod travel.)

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