Tiny Homes on the Move Book (130)

Tiny Homes on Wheels Builder in New York (State)

“Dear Lloyd,

    I have been fallowing your documentation religiously for more than 10 years now and been consistently inspired in my building by your work, so thank you so very much for that. I have built 2 tiny homes on wheels for myself, and having worked out some kinks on my own will be starting construction on a home on wheels for my mom in a month or so. The first attachment is of my first tiny house and the rest are of my second and current house which recently made a move 80 miles across upstate New York to Trumansburg, outside of Ithaca where I’ll be building the house for my mom.…


Jamie Carestio”

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Seeking Builders of Tiny Homes on the Move

We’ve been approached by a film maker who is interested in telling the stories of people/a person who specializes in converting vehicles into tiny homes that move. Ideally, we’d like to find someone who does this for other people and makes a living/makes a business of it.

Vans, house buses, house trucks, trailers, or sailboats or houseboats. Please contact me if you know of anyone in this category: lloyd@shelterpub.com

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French Carpenter Seeking Work In California/Oregon/Washington This Summer

Yogan is an accomplished timber framer (and treehouse builder) from France. His work has appeared in our last two books. He will be traveling along the west coast this summer and wants to hook up with builders, home owners, homesteaders, and/or people of like interests. He’s open to any kind of arrangement, including working for room and/or board.

You can check out his work here: yogan.over-blog.com

From Yogan:
Hi friend builders, carpenters, inventors…

   I’m Yogan, a carpenter of south west france,

   I’m coming in August, September and October to walk on the west coast, from California to Seattle. My goal is to meet, visit, help, places and peoples where there are amazing shelters, cabins—in the woods if possible.
   If I could find a community of carpenters living in cabins in the forest,  it would be perfect!
   I’d also like to go to any carpenter or timber framers’ meetings.
   I will be hitchhiking frequently with my backpack and accordion! You can email me at: Yogan Carpenter <yogancarpenter@gmail.com>
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Our Next Book - SMALL HOMES - Now In Production

I started 3 days ago. My M.O. is to open the file drawer and start picking out folders (there are 50-60 now) to work on.

I pick them out randomly and start doing layout— with scissors and removable scotch tape. No stinkin computers at this stage.

I print out the text in 3 & 4 columns, adjust photos to desired size on copy machine, and do rough layouts.

This is turning out to be really fun. We’ve accumulated material for maybe a year and now, the book is starting to assemble itself, in random manner. Organizing will come later.

Note: contact us if you know of small homes (400-1200 sq. ft.) that would work in this book:


We are especially interested in any kind of homes in cities and towns.

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Selling the City Condo And Now Living On A 42' Salmon Trawler in British Columbia

Hi Lloyd,

Julie May is a 42′ salmon trawler built in 1968, at Port Alberni Engineering on Vancouver Island. The boat was commissioned by Peter Mayede, a Ucluelet BC fisherman, who fished the boat off the west and north coast of Vancouver Island for the next 30 years.

Julie May was then sold to Lyle McMurdo, a retired logging company engineer, who spent the next eight years converting it to a live aboard yacht. Lyle was meticulous and exacting and did a wonderful job of following the original lines of the boat and converting her to pleasure boat use.

Jude Brooks and I bought Julie May about eight years ago, having finally decided to give in to a life long ambition to live full time on the water. We had previously built and lived in an 800 sq ft float house but, had moved to the city and really did try to join the rest of our generation, buying a condo and working full time. That lasted about a year, but the real estate market in Victoria BC was booming right along at that time, and the sale of the condo financed the purchase of Julie May.

More photos and text:

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