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Crispy Hippie revealed

In December I mentioned that the cafe/coffee roastery at Small World Coffee in Princeton, NJ, did a name and logo for a new blend based on my surfing and skateboarding and I guess, long hair — calling it the Crispy Hippie roast. To tell the truth, I’ve never thought of myself as a hippie, although I guess I am compared to all my friends from high school and college who didn’t smoke dope, get immersed in rock and roll, and drop out (back in ’65). “I’m proud to be a hippie from Olema…” Small World owner Jessica Durrie just sent me this t-shirt.

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Exploded Bug poster by Peter Aschwanden

The Power of boingboing: we got over 6000 hits on our website for our septic systems book from this mention on boingboing by By Mark Frauenfelder on Feb. 23, 2010:

“The late Peter Aschwanden was best known for his extremely detailed and humorous illustrations for John Muir’s 1969 book, How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive: A Manual of Step-by-Step Procedures for the Compleat Idiot. His cover illustration for The Septic System Owner’s Manual almost makes me wish I had a septic tank.”At Peter’s website, you can order books, posters, and T-shirts. His “Exploded Bug” poster (above) is amazing!

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