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Goat Shed Built With Scrap Poles and Recycled Materials

“…When clearing an old overgrown pasture, thick with alder and cherry saplings, we were left with piles of round wood.  Instead of burning them in a slash pile or as firewood, we took the straightest logs and built a round-pole goat barn, and ultimately an addition on that barn.  No building text would ever recommend building with structural alder, but that goat barn still stands, ten years later, and it cost virtually nothing to build, save for the cost of screws, reclaimed siding, free recycled roofing, and old windows and doors.…”

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Sleek Angle On a Community Garden Shed

“I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “garden shed,” I don’t immediately picture a gorgeous, sleek and impossibly well-designed structure.So I thought it was pretty great that for the Woodlands Community Garden Club in Vancouver, Brendan Collander Design and UBC architecture students so excellently thought “outside the shed” when designing this multifaceted and very attractive structure…”

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Two century-old railway houses in North Bend, B.C., $1 Each

January 31, 2014 “NORTH BEND B.C. — Just beyond Hope, the old highway narrows. Into the canyon, once past Spuzzum and through some tunnels, the route roller coasters, climbing hundreds of feet above the churning Fraser River, then plunging. Avalanche warnings, tight curves, oncoming tractor trailers: The city-boy driver is white-knuckled. The heart is pounding.

But it’s worth the two-hour journey from Vancouver because up ahead, just past Hell’s Gate, there is house hunter’s treasure, and perhaps the deal of a lifetime: A pair of century-old homes, each one on sale for a dollar.

Their price compares rather favourably to Vancouver, where similarly constructed two-storey wooden homes are routinely listed for $1-million. Location, location: This pair is nestled at the edge of an obscure whistle stop called North Bend, across the mighty Fraser from hardscrabble Boston Bar and beside Scuzzy Creek — yes, Scuzzy — where black bears and the odd cougar roam.…”

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Photo by Brian Hutchinson

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