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German Dumpsters Turned Into Living Containers

“German designer Philipp Stingl has fashioned homes for the homeless out of dumpsters. They’re actually pretty nifty, too. They have locks, trash disposal systems, even a little sewage system. Sure, they’re not spacious, but if they’re your only alternative — if you’re homeless, but also if you’re just trying to hide from marauders after the coming ecopocalypse — they seem reasonably cozy.”


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Bill Steen's Photos of Our Homestead

Bill and Athena Steen and their son Benito visited us a few weeks ago. They’re the folks that started the  strawbale movement with their book The Straw Bale House, written in 1994. I’d been to visit them 3 times at their end-of-the-road compound south of Tucson, but this was their first visit here. We had a lot of fun. We have a lot in common. Bill shot all his photos with an iPhone.

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Sarah Built Her Own Tiny Home

“With refurbished pallets and thrift store finds this tiny house became a reality as a part of one woman’s masters degree. Sarah McNair studied environmental management and decided to build this 210 square foot house for her thesis project. She and her father did most of the labor to build this fully functioning home that can be transported on the back of the trailer. It comes with a kitchen (with full-sized oven), loft style bedroom, and all sorts of earthy gizmos (e.g. solar panel, composting toilet). McNair is hoping to sell the house to pay off the loan she took out to be able to build it. But until that happens she’s showing it at various festivals and conferences to build awareness for the tiny house movement.”

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Treehouse Builder Busted in Germany - Looking to Move to Canada

“Hey folks from Shelter publications,
My name is marco, i live in the middle of the biggest woods from germany and i write you out of different motivations.
First of all i wanted to thank you for inspiration and motivation , it really made it easier, to see so many people allready living what i dreamed for myself.
Secondly- I just read your new book “tiny homes” and saw that you looking for more houses two make a second book. Heres my story hope you´ll like it.

   Four years ago i felt like there should be something constant in my life, after two years of living out of my backpack- during exploring europe by foot, bike, bus, canoe and sailing boat.  My grandma owns a nice piece of land, two miles away from the next village, and its a nice place to be. There are drinking water sources, two little lakes and a little stream running threw, where we used to build hoovers and canoes when we were children….
I made some drawings, organized wood and started right away with no experience- just learning by doing it. I could get nice insulated, wooden windows for free, i found an old woodstove and i made the shingles for my roof from a tree of my place. The only things i had to buy were the Hemp insulation, screws etc, some special wood, an oven flue… I payed less than 1500 Euros. All in all it took me about six months to build that thing and it made me happier than anything before.

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Harmony Farm Supply and National Heirloom Expo

We had a great day yesterday. North into farmland, to Sebastapol and the Harmony Farm Supply, what a great place. Good tools, good additives, seeds, irrigation, etc. No foul chemical smells. Knowledgeable staff.

   Then to the National Heirloom Expo in Santa Rosa. Unique event. Yesterday was the last of 3 days (Tues-Wed-Thurs). Tons of different heirloom fruits, vegetables, cheeses, on and on… goats, sheep, cows, turkeys and a huge display of bantam chickens. Food booths (and samples) up the kazoo. It’s a very together farming, gardening, food preparation and preservation show. Real food and respect-for-earth concepts and practices have come a long way in the last 25 years — progress. I’m going to this for sure next year, and we’ll probably get a booth and sell building books. Our kinda people.

   Back through Petaluma and Heritage Salvage, huge amount of recycled lumber, including some stunning old barn timbers.

  Got a lot of good pics yesterday, no time to do anything other than this with 3 of them:

This was on back road between Petaluma and Sebastapol.

Real tomatoes
Bantam Silver Spangled Hamburg
raised by Janelle Thope
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