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45 Days Camping on Island in Southern England

Hi Lloyd, hope all is well.
Came across this great little movie the other day – thought you might enjoy it and like to share it?
I found it very touching, really got into my head.
Hope you like it.

   Cheers,  Rich (Jones)


“Published on Jan 19, 2013
During the summer of 2012, I camped for 45 days on Darnet Island in the Medway Estuary. Whenever the sun shone, i was able to charge my solar panel video camera batteries and shoot some film. Here’s what I made from the footage. The book I made that tells of my time on the island, called ‘Otherness’, is now out.”

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Paddling (& Crabbing)

Tons of material to report, will try to filter some of it out this week. Went for my first paddle in 6 months Saturday. Injured shoulder still recovering, but it’s a start. Beautiful evenIng, warm weather, warm water, I looked down and saw this crab, jumped off board and grabbed it (have learned how to do this from the fishermen). Had nothing to put him in, so took off my hat, stuffed crab inside, and tied it onto the board’s water bottle carrier with a piece of ice plant vine. Had him for appetizer last night.

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The Crossing Not Made

My backpack trip was actually a lot juicier than it sounds from what I’ve written.

O lord, what to do with all this “content?”

Getting across the water  was a big deal for me. Been plotting (and blabbing to all who would listen) for years, I’m gonna stash a surfboard and paddle my pack across…blah blah…

   My friend Billy had given me one of those (9′) blue soft surfboards in a dumpster, so the morning before I left, I drove to the beach and, using my little 2-wheeled surf trailer, towed it 2-1/2 miles along the sand to the end of the spit, where I hid it in the sword grass.

   In one of my oh so many cases of the reality being different from the vision, it was hairy out there that afternoon. Then wind was 30-35 mph, would be head-on in crossing the channel. There was a 6′ high tide, so the channel was maxxed out in width. The wind as whipping trails of sand on the dunes. The ocean was looking harsh. By 6PM, the wind hadn’t lessened. I made a mature decision. I’d be low in the water, wind slowing my progress AND getting pack wet. Plus if I did make it across, I’d be freezing, didn’t have a towel, nightfall coming. Houston, we have a problem. Read More …

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Pelican Passenger on My Paddleboard

There were a bunch of 10-12-year-old kids down at the town dock last night when I went down to go for a paddle. I lowered my (Joe Bark 12′ stock) paddleboard into the water and lo and behold, up flies this pelican. He lands a few feet away from my board. Sheesh! I’ve never gotten within 50′ of a pelican.

   Then he jumps onto my board. I wonder if he’ll stay on when I paddle, so I gingerly get onto the board, scoot up farther than usual, and take off. He stays there! Are we stylin or what?

   The kids love it and shoot pictures with an iPhone. He stayed on for maybe a hundred yards, then flew off.

Photo by Noah Shaw, emailed by Maya Young

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Keeping the Edge – Night Paddleboarding with Jeff Denholm

I’m at Verve Coffee on 41st Street in Santa Cruz, very cool place. Serious barista-meisters, crema perfecta, good wi-fi. A big tan guy came in a few minutes ago, broad shoulders, deep chest, and missing an arm. He sat with a friend next to me and he started talking about paddling. Pretty soon we’re talking. He has a 16′ custom Joe bark board, I have a 12 footer…Turns out he’s sponsored by Patagonia, among others. He competes in paddle races and surfs. Man, what an inspiration! He just left. I looked him up and read this:

“I began paddleboarding in order to keep the edge. Having only one arm I am forced to stay as sharp as a tack in order to simply catch the waves I seek to ride. Growing up in Maine where the sun sets early in winter, our prime wave season, I was forced to embrace the night in my mission to stay fit, to ride waves. Through necessity I was awakened to another level of joy from the paddling experience.…”

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