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Baby Elephant Seal on Beach Saturday

Marine Mammal Center was on its way.

Relevant factoids:

1. Typical males are 16′ long, weigh 3 tons.

2. They can hold their breath for 100 minutes and typically dive 1,000 to 2,000 feet.

3. They propel themselves up to 5 mph by using their tail fins.

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You Can Take the Boy Out of Baja…

Monday early evening, March 13, 2017

I’m out in a wonderful thatched-roof domicile about 12 miles east of San José del Cabo; it looks out to the ocean and gets the sea breezes. The surf is up and there was only one surfer out today. Surfing has become too much of a hassle for me lately, crowds and age the main detractors. With skateboarding, there’s no problem getting up, and there are no crowds. The drawbacks are, yes, pavement and cars (and age, que lástima).

So I’ve been swimming. Jeez, if I lived where water was this warm I’d be in it every day. Tonight I bagged it because of the shorebreak – steep beach means you can get handled coming back in – as I did yesterday, rolled around and thoroughly pounded – sand in hair, ears, coating body, I mean I was sanded!

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On A Totally Tourist Cruise

Chilon, his girlfriend Carolina, and Carolina’s girlfriend Claudia and me went on a big boat sunset cruise to El Arco de Los Cabos yesterday. Maybe 100 people, dinner and all you could drink. Party time! A good DJ, lots of dancing, people got pretty hammered everyone had their extrovert persuasion on and you know what? It was fun!

We went around the tip of land and into the Pacific Ocean on the west side to watch the sunset.

A mother whale and her calf were frolicking, the little one kept leaping and slapping and once in a while, mama would go airborne with her 20-30-or-so tons, to everyone’s delight. Boat guys said it was the first of the season.

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Back to Baja Once again

I’m taking off tomorrow morning — for a week in and around San José del Cabo. For about 12 years, I went to Baja whenever I could. I kept a 1983 4-wheel drive Toyota truck down there, would fly down, drive 12 miles east of town along the coast, let out air pressure in tires to about 7 lbs and drive 2 miles on the sandy beach to a place gringos called Roosterfish Cove, put up my flea market tarp for shade, unfurl the rooftop tent for sleeping, and hang out for 3-4 days, all alone, surfing, swimming, running on the beach, seldom wearing clothes. In hot months, it was pretty unbearable from 11 AM to 5 PM, but the early mornings and early evenings were exquisite.

It’s been 8 years since I was last there, and I know it’s built up immensely. I’m taking fins. Haven’t surfed in months, due to cold water here and a damaged shoulder. I’ll see what happens down there. I’m staying at a few different places on the beach. Meeting my good friend Chilon when I get there, he’s making lunch for us.

Here are some posts from years back: https://lloydkahn-ongoing.blogspot.com/search?q=baja

Stay tuned.

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Documentary on Early San Francisco Surfing Feb 23 in SFO

“More than just three miles of heavy waves on Ocean Beach, the Great Highway is part of the early history of California surfing and beach life. This new documentary covers it all; from the Sutro Baths to the former six million-gallon saltwater Fleishhacker Pool, once lifeguarded by Olympians and big wave legends, to the champions of today. Winner of the 2016 Golden Gate International Ocean Film Festival Award (IOFF). (88 mins)

Mark Gunson, filmmaker and co-producer, and Kristin Howell, co-producer will be in attendance for Q+A.”


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