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Sun, Wind, Surf and Sauna All At Once

“Spring is a great time to be outdoors -the weather is warming up, but you still aren’t hit by the oppressive summer heat. Unfortunately, in most places, it’s still too cool to head over to your nearest natural body of water and take a dip. Of course, if you have a Saunalautta, you might not feel that way. That’s because the delightful creations feature a fully functional sauna so you can cool down and heat back up, or go the more traditional route and build up a good sweat before jumping into the the icy waters below…”

Sent by Jon Kalish.

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West Vancouver Rustic Waterfront Cabin for Sale

“… this is the best waterfront value in the Gulf Islands & only 8 min from Vancouver. 17,000 sq ft lot with 65 ft of WATERFRONT frontage. This rustic cabin is in original condition with lots of life left & an incredible waterfront view. Features include, low bank access to water, rain water catchment system. Private westerly facing lot with deep water moorage option directly in front of property. Can be sold together with Lot 40. Call listing agent for details…”

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Coyote Scat, Horned Grebe Diving in Lagoon

When I lived in Big Sur, I found that coyotes shat where the view was great. Check out the hair (mice, gophers, etc.) and bits of deer bones here.

I was poke poling for eel (nada) in the lagoon yesterday and this little Horned Grebe would dive down for maybe a minute, then pop back up energetically, didn’t seem concerned by my proximity.

Thanks to HighFidelityRob for identifying the bird.

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Sea Foraging Tours in San Francisco

At left: crab snare; you toss it out with a fishing rod, wait 15 minutes and reel it in. It snags crabs in the loops.

Yesterday I went on a 3-hour tour with Kirk Lombard on the shores of San Francisco Bay. He demonstrated catching crabs with crab snares, how to throw a net to catch herring, and how to catch eels. Kirk is passionate about the ocean, sustainability, and getting your own food. He leads tours of various types, takes people clamming or herring-catching, and has a seafood subscription service. He says there are numerous small fish in this area — smelt, sand dabs, herring, sardines — that are overlooked by commercial interests and perfect for the get-it-yourselfer.

   I’ve poked around on the local coast all my life and come from a family of fishermen — all sport fishermen except for my grandfather, who had a bait and tackle shop in SF around the turn of the century — but I learned a ton of things. There’s a 300-foot deep channel under the Golden Gate Bridge carved out in old times by the Sacramento River. You can make a pudding from a type of seaweed. Fish that is touted as “local” often comes from boats that spend over a month at sea, with 65-mile long longlines.

   There were two 12-year-old boys in the group and he was the perfect teacher. He got them reeling in crabs, throwing a herring net correctly, and poke-poling for eels. If you’ve got kids in the Bay Area,this is a wonderful learning experience. If you’re a city-dweller interested in bringing in some of your own fresh seafood, check him out. 6-star.


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Woman Rows Solo Across Atlantic Ocean

Nov 12, 2013

“Quebec rower Mylène Paquette is arriving in Lorient, France, after a solo journey across the Atlantic Ocean.

Paquette is the first North American to row solo, from west to east, across the North Atlantic.

She left Halifax just over four months ago in a specially designed 7.3-metre boat propelled only by Paquette and the currents.

At about 11:09 a.m. CET (5:09 a.m. ET) Paquette crossed the finish line in the northwest of France.…”

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