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Paddleboarding…Mud Bath

I went paddling a few nights ago. Warm day, high tide. You can never tell what the ocean (or lagoon, lake, river) will be like until you get right there. So many variables: wind, tides, temperature, sunny or foggy or rainy, moon (and planetary) cycle, but the most important factor to me is the surface of the water. If it’s glassy, I don’t care about any of the rest of it. My (Joe Bark 12′ Surftek) paddleboard skims across the water, I get a bow wave going, a joy to paddle.

   I ended up taking a mud bath, for the first time in months. It’s one of those things, like jumping under a cold waterfall, that you’re always glad you did, but that the part of your brain concerned with comfort, resists. I told a couple of friends at the dock that’s what I was going to do, so had to do it. Paddled a ways…shorty wetsuit off (not visible to anyone), smeared as much of my body as I could reach with mud, which in this case had sand in it,…let dry in sun a few minutes, then swam in a channel a bit, then washed it off. Boy did I feel good.

   Got home, took outdoor solar shower, heated by nothin but sunshine…then shot of grappa…stylin…turned out to be exfoliating…spa treatment…skin really smooth afterwards…simple pleasures of life…so much you can do right around wherever you live…just look around…

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Driftwood Shack, Seaweed

After about 20 years of running in the hills and on The Mountain, I’ve gone back to the beach. I can understand dolphins returning to the water from the land…each “workout” now an adventure…I’m shifting most of the building and gardening stuff on this blog over to:


and here I’ll do more reporting on what I see out there in the universe…

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Publisher Rolls Kayak With iPhone and Sony Cybershot Camera Aboard

I put my iPhone and pocket camera in my backpack , and took my kayak down to the wharf — going to shoot pix. I looked for a waterproof bag, but didn’t have one —  well, I have never tipped over a kayak other than in surf, so no prob. Well prob!
   Lowering myself into it off the wharf, I rolled neatly over. Felt like slow motion — I can’t believe this is happening. So, trashed iPhone and I’m pretty sure the same with the camera. They say it’s not as much a problem with the water as it is with the salt. Closed barn door by buying waterproof pouch yesterday.
   I had a really hard time getting out of the water. Couldn’t pull myself up onto the wharf, which was pretty high above the water, ended up cutting my knees on barnacles, finally swung Tarzan-like hand-over-hand on the bottom of the gangplank over to the seawall and climbed out. Bleeding legs (but they cleaned up nicely). Upper body strength half what it was 20 years ago. Harumph!
   On Game of Thrones a few nights ago, Maester Aemon says, “Old age is a wonderful source of ironies, if nothing else.”
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Coastal Splendor/Shooting Photo Collages

Tide pools, coves, caves. Great idea for kayak trip from Pt. Arena lighthouse south the Pt. Arena pier — gonna do sometime.

   Again, I’m frustrated by the narrowness of the screen. I’m going to print out 4×5’s when I get home, mount on board (and bring to Louie). The first stitched-together series of stills I ever saw was on the wall of Robert Frank’s home on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Black and whites. Then I discovered the photo collages of David Hockney and bought his book Cameraworks. Such an eye-opener.

   I prefer to shoot with a 50mm or so lens setting, it’s pretty much the way I see the world (as opposed to wider angled lenses, which distort things), then paste them together. (When shooting a building, I keep backing up and adjusting the zoom until it looks through the lens the way appears to my eye.)

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Up the Coast Yesterday/Blog Changes Coming/Secluded Driftwood Beach

The drive to Pt. Arena is about 3 hours. Usually takes me about 4. This time, leaving in the afternoon, instead of (as usual) early morning, it took me 8 hours to get to Louie’s. Did I have fun! I must have stopped, usually to shoot photos, 50 times…I’m thinking of changing the nature of this blog once we get THESHELTERBLOG up and running, maybe tie it in with Instagram, a photo+ caption a day. More like getting you to ride shotgun with me. For example:

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