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Fabulous 1923 silent movie with Ramon Navarro and Alice Terry on TCM tonight, stunning B&W. Who needs color? Who needs words?

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Guardians of the Galaxy - Wow!

So here I am Monday afternoon, heading south on Vancouver Island, with a plane to catch the next morning from Victoria to Vancouver for the flight home. I get into Duncan around 3 PM and see that Guardians of the Galaxy is playing at 4:15. Well, all right! I’d read that it was pretty good.

First movie I’ve seen in a theater in about a year. Sunny afernoon no less. I sat pretty far up, center, and darned if I wasn’t the only person in the 350-seat theater. I had a bag of popcorn. How much better could it be?

I loved the movie. All the elements worked. The hunky hero Peter Quill is vulnerable and likeable. The talking raccoon brilliant and believable, with a great patched-together leather suit. Everyone’s got a sense of humor. For once the special effects are effective and not weird and overdone. The little space ships are sleekly designed. Marvel studios. I enjoyed it the same way I loved movies when I was 12. Fun!

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Friday Fish Fry

Dry dry dry. Day after day of no rain. I think the driest in history.

Saw Inside LLewyn Davis last night. Disappointing. I wanted to like it, because the concert put on in NYC in September by the musicians recruited by musical director TBone Burnett was terrific, and I have a lot of respect for the Coen brothers and their witty and fresh approach to film making. But this was just a bore. John Goodman’s character was overblown and weird, say like Jack Nicholson in one of his rare misfires as the Joker in the 1st Batman film, or Johnny Depp’s characters in the Tim Burton movies—sorry, I’m not buyin it…I don’t understand all the adulation for Llewyn. Music not even that good. Very little humor. Best picture of year, puhleeeze.

I cut down a 35-year old Weeping Santa Rosa Plum, the other day, was rotting from the inside. Interesting to see what was a pretty big (and productive) garden presence reduced to a couple of piles of kindling and to-be-split firewood

Yesterday we went to Flora Grubb, a large nursery specializing in palm trees and succulents in San Francisco. Great place, down near the produce market, with a Ritual Coffee stand inside. I shot a lot of pictures, we’ll post more when I get time.

All Hail by The Devil Makes Three on Grooveshark

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The Bourne Legacy

The opening shot is spectacular, especially when the helicopter swoops back and gives you the perspective of the wild canyon with rushing waterfall (and what looks to be a cave in the side of the rocky cliff). The photography, especially in the first half or so of the movie, is brilliant. I don’t think it got great reviews, but the photography itself makes it worthwhile. It’s sad to me that so many talented photographers are neglected in reviews of movies. Not only are the shots here great, but the angles, the lighting, and the juxtaposition of wilderness and urban scenes, back-and-forth, great pacing, visually stunning. Cinematography by Robert Elswit, film editing by John Gilroy.

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Daily Flash -- Psychedlia Without Drugs

Last night I was coming back from a trip over the hill and decided to stop at Stinson Beach for a run. The sand is ever-shifting throughout the seasons, and last night there were large dead-flat areas (skimboarders’ delight) at the south end of the beach. The tide was coming in, washing the flat areas with sheets of water that would then recede, leaving huge mirror-like surfaces.

  I got to the end of the beach and on the way back started running on the 1/2″or so of water. Yeow!

   Reflected below and out to the sides were the blue sky,white and grey clouds, even the trees on beach edge — in 3D! I had stepped into an alternate universe, with dimension and movement — like a (3D) movie. I was flying, looking down from a height of say 200 feet, at the clouds and sky below.

   I bow down to the Ocean (and the Universe).

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