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18-foot oarfish discovered off southern California coast

“(CNN) — A marine science instructor’s late-afternoon snorkel off the Southern California coast last Sunday was first met with shock and soon excitement when she discovered a gigantic oarfish, a deep-sea creature that remains little known to the science world and people outside.

Jasmine Santana was about 15 feet underwater when she found the 18-foot-long, silvery fish with reddish fins and eyes the size of a half-dollar staring at her from the sandy bottom. Realizing it was dead, she snatched the fish’s tail, and using buoyancy and low tides, powered her way back on shore.…”

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Monday Fish Fry

(So titled after San Francisco Chronicle columnist Herb Caen’s Friday columns, called “Friday Fish Fry;” Herb was master of 3-dot stories. I started reading him at the bkfst table at age 15. In the ’70s, he answered a couple of my letters with his Underwood upright typewriter. Wonderful man…

Sunny Monday Morning We’ve had 3 days of real hot weather, now cooling. Blue skies, glassy ocean. Swam last night… Once in a while I try to throw together fragments revolving in my mind, a la Herb C…

Tom Clancy on Writing  “I tell them you learn to write the same way you learn to play golf,” he said. “You do it, and keep doing it until you get it right. A lot of people think something mystical happens to you, that maybe the muse kisses you on the ear. But writing isn’t divinely inspired—it’s hard work.”

That’s why I’m so slow at posting stuff…

Now listening to The Abyssinians Super reggae vocal harmonies. Gimme that old time reggae! “Jason White” here. (I only like about half the songs I hear on “The Joint,” Sirius Radio’s reggae station. A lot of insipid or preachy stuff or songs you’ve heard 100 times.…

Great Music on KWMR Our local station has really good music programs around 7-9 PM (West Coast time). Blues, bluegrass, reggae, cajun, R&R, eclectic mix of DJs. I listen to it on radio while doing dishes (and sneakily dance when no one’s around), but think it can be streamed…

Free Books to Prisons We have always sent free books to any prisoner who writes us. Letter received a few days ago:

“Shelter Publications,

I wish to thank you for your gift of books. they have been a blessing, not only for…me, but to the many I have loaned them to who are trying to dream and create a future as they leave prison…Thank you for your gift and the many hours of studying, dreaming and contemplation these books provide.

   -J.M., Palmer Correctional Center, Palmer Alaska”

   Thrilling feedback.

   I wish there were some way to get our (fitness and building) books into prison libraries (if there are such). Any researchers out there who can find a list? Or if you know someone in prison, let them know they can write for free books.…

Tidelog Tide Tables I have this posted over the sink and look at it every day. A lot of surfers and fishermen do the same. A graphic view of tides, with art by M.C. Escher. For east and west coasts, including BC. Here

Blues on the Canal Rich Jones sent this link to houseboat moving along an English canal with blues band playing:

Tiny Homes On The Move We’re gettin there! About 90% complete. This has been the most complex book ever, the most people ever to deal with, in many parts of the world. USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, China, + sailboats cruising the high seas. Two main categories:

Wheels: vans, trucks-with-camper-shells, housetrucks, house buses, and trailers

Water: sailboats, houseboats, and tugboats

There are some 90 of these units in the book, either rolling on the road or floating on the water. They are used as either permanent residences or for trips of varying lengths upon life’s highways and waterways. Book should be out in May 2014…

I love the life I live,

And I live the life I love.

   -Muddy Waters

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Daily Flash -- Fishing Kayak

Yesterday spotted this guy coming in from the ocean. Don’t know if he caught any fish, but what a great rig! Human-powered salmon trolling. He was paddling strongly and moving at a fast clip.

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Daily Flash # 1 From Mendocino County

Coming down a dirt road at 7 this morning, heading into town for latte and wi-fi (+ ginger scone), Third Rate Romance playing on 102.3 FM, “Real Country,” enjoying the real country surroundings, redwoods and tan oaks, then on Highway One from Pt. Arena to Gualala, Gregory Isaacs singing Tan So Back, reggae an integral part of Mendo culture, my Honda Fit continuing to be a nimble delight to drive, sunny morning on the coast, healthy kelp beds off shore, the ocean blue…


Louie and I went down to the Pt. Arena pier yesterday. This salmon boat was being hauled out of the water. Later we went into Franny’s Cup & Saucer, one of the best bakeries anywhere, to get some almond croissants for afternoon tea; this sign in window, ain’t it the truth…

   In a few minutes, I’m heading north along  the coast and will cut across the mountains to Philo, thence northeast to Hopland and this year’s SolFest.

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I Read the News Today, Oh Boy…

Sunday’s NY Times

-Article on surgery costs in USA vs. Belgium: “…Michael Shopenn’s surgery in 2007 would have cost close to $100,000 in the United States. But it cost just $13,660 — including all medicine, doctors’ fees and round-trip airfare — at a private hospital in Torhout, Belgium. The Belgian government regulates medical fees, though most doctors’ offices and hospitals are privately run.…”  Somewhere I believe it said that average U.S. surgeons’ income is $440,000. Click here.

-Op-Ed on the funky air in Beijing, can’t find it right now, but this guy and family check air quality each day online and many days they do not leave their apartment. Photo looked like apocalyptic movie. Ugh.

   Yesterday went into SF. As I went over the Golden Gate bridge, the big racing catamarans were speeding toward the bridge. As I crossed I could just see their sails over the bridge railing, like giant shark fins.

Sign on sidewalk out in front of Trouble Coffee (Judah Street, S.F.) yesterday. Yeah!

There must have been 30 boats out off Slide Ranch yesterday as I drove into the city. Looks like the salmon have made it down here.

Roads are clogged with tourists. Ugh. Dog days of August.

The other night I stumbled upon “Do You Love Me?” on Grooveshark, the song totally familiar, but the Contours? Got me listening to the Contours. Boy are they good. Vocal R&B harmonies. Got CD The Contours, Essential Collection, been listening yesterday and today.

Do You Love Me by The Contours on Grooveshark

Tiny Homes On The Move has been slow in coming together. We’re dealing with maybe 150 different builders/nomads, trying to get hi-res photos, text. We’re about 90% done and it gets better daily. This book is alive right now. Lots of sailboats, it turns out. Lots of trailers. Since new material keeps coming in, we’re going to continue this book after publication with the tinyhomesonthemove blog for those of the nomadic persuasion.

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They are thick on this part of the coast this week. Apparently the krill are here, the bait fish eating them, and the salmon eating the bait fish. These guys had just brought in maybe 35 fish, in the 15-25 lb. range. A friend of Louie’s had caught over 50 a few days earlier. What a start to the commercial season! I learned a lot watching these fishermen cleaning salmon. They were taking them to a jobber in Fort Bragg. Getting $5/lb. whole (gutted) fish.

I asked one guy why he thought they were back, he said maybe because they had the season closed for four years. I said what about all the work done on the rivers in recent years, he said I don’t know, but God has just put these fish out in the ocean this year.

Louie and I had barbecued salmon with Titsch and Rosario last night. It’s so different when eaten the day of catch!

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