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Photos of French Carpenters' West Coast Trip

We are running photos of our French carpenter friends Menthe and Yogan documenting the trip they took this summer along the Northern Pacific Coast, exchanging their carpentry skills for room and board.

This is a tiny home they built in 10 days on an old Dodge flatbed truck in Humboldt County, California.

We are posting one of their projects each day for a week here:

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Homemade wood-frame plane in UK cruises at 100 mph and is fully acrobatic

I herewith nominate this for my “post of year.


Hey Lloyd,

Glad you’ve recovered from the initial shock of the wrist injury and seen sense to continue!

Thought you might appreciate a different wooden structure. It’s a Flitzer Z1S, built with sitka spruce and birch ply (mostly 1mm). Constructed over around 10 years from plans, it flew for the first time at the end of August. Cruise is 100 mph and she’s fully aerobatic. See YouTube G-ECVZ first flight and Z1S flight.

Best, Vic (Long, UK)

Want to go for a flight over the English countryside? All I gotta say is holy shit! Vic, you da man!

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