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Green Snake and Neon Tetra Fish at California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco) Last Week

Snark snark: this place is vastly overpriced ($35 general entrance fee for one day), not very well designed, and compliments the weirdness and architectural absurdity of the De Young Museum across the way from it. Sorry, it just pisses me off. The old academy and museum were just fine and in harmony with the bandstand with its pollarded trees outside.

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World's Smallest Hotel in Germany, $23 Per Night

“To give new meaning to the phrase “living out of a suitcase”, one hotel in Lunzenau, Germany, has made it possible to… well, stay in one.

For just €15 (S$23) a night, guests can enjoy staying in one of the world’s smallest hotels.

Each minuscule 2.7m by 1.5m room in the “Kofferhotel”, or Suitcase Hotel, can accommodate only two guests, and includes bunk beds, a toilet and a sink. There is an outdoor shower.”

From Anonymous

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Links to Tiny Homes for Homeless Websites and Articles

Thanks to Anonymous for this comprehensive list:

Above: Quixote Village (Olympia, Washington) photo by Leah Nash for BuzzFeed

Dignity Village

Quixoteviille Village

Opportunity Village

and here is a small house building companyBackyard bungalows Read More …

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The Tiniest Home in Toronto

“With a footprint of just 29 square metres, (312 sq. ft.) the house is officially the smallest in the city.…the home was shoehorned into the space between two existing properties by Arthur Weeden, a contractor…The tiny parcel of land was originally marked out for laneway access but somehow the curb stones were never lowered to allow vehicular access, rendering the gap useless.

Weeden pounced, building a pint-sized home, barely an arm’s span wide, for him and his wife. They lived there together for 20 years, content in the tiny space, tending to their vegetable garden and bunking down for the night in the single rear bedroom behind the kitchen.…”

From Godfrey Stephens

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Penny Skateboards Popular in Cities

“Lauren Waxenberg, 9, on her pink skateboard in Rye Brook, N.Y. Her father, Scott, 52, likes to ride it when she’s not on it. ‘As soon as I saw the Penny board, I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is what I learned on,’ he said. ‘And when I got on it, it was like I was 14 again.’”

Photo: Jennifer S. Altman for The New York Times

Full article:

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Seeking Small Home (or Apartment or Loft) Dwellers in Towns and Cities

We are doing layout of our next book, Small Homes, right now, and we’d like to get more people living in cities, large and small towns, and—yes—suburbs to contribute. Whereas the paradigm for owner builders in the ’60s and ’70s was a home in the country, it makes a lot of sense these days to fix up small, modest homes in populated areas. Relatively quick, often more economical than starting on a bare piece of land.

Please contact me if you or someone you know is living in a small dwelling of any kind in cities or towns, and which is unique, creative, inspiring, aesthetic, etc.:

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