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Touring Normandy With Cow Power

Hello Lloyd,

Some people drive horse drawn wagons… but this way of travelling is still too fast for Thomas and Laurent!

   Therefore, the two friends set out on an unusual adventure : going on tour with two lovely Normandy cows!

Thomas ”Carabistouille” is a storyteller who is used to travelling with his gypsy caravan. Laurent Legal is an experienced teamster who works with a yoke of oxen: plowing, hauling logs out of forests… I met them some years ago when they created a Bovine Show called ”The Boeufbylette:” it was a funny collection of vintage motorcycles drawn by ”Sergent” and ”Major,” two peaceful and sturdy oxen from a local rustic breed. Riding on that incredible trailer was great fun!

   In April, Thomas and Laurent set off again with their caravan and their henhouse-on-wheels for a storytelling tour in Western France. Read More …

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Shelter at The Maker Faire

The Maker Faire was just great. I’d never think that something so nerd-oriented would appeal to me, but  there was soul in addition to all the robots and tech wizardry. We had a booth in the “Homegrown Village” section and sold more books than we have at any event ever. The booth, designed by Lew Lewandowski and manned by Lew and my son Evan, was mobbed the entire 2 days, most of the interest being in our Tiny Homes book.


My talks on “The Half-Acre Homestead” went well; maybe 125 kindred spirits in the audience each day. Read More …

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