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David Shipway's Indian Clubs

“Lloyd, I was trying to figure out what to make my son for Christmas, and saw your post on Indian Clubs. Off I went on Google….and what a discovery! If Amazon’s sold out, then I’m gonna make some! I got digging in the lumber pile this morning and found some dry Douglas Fir 4×4, and had this pair of 2 pounders buffed up by mid-afternoon. The big challenge in turning these is to make the second one exactly like the first.

   I’ve been doing a bit of boogie with them to the shop radio , make sure there’s swinging room for sure, and I feel ENERGIZED! Maybe I should read the operator’s manual?

   Behind the clubs on Santa’s workbench you can see a new pair of Xantho-cypress salad forks, some 90″ Sitka spoon oars ready for collars, and a couple of experimental Yuloh pivots for the catboat, one Locust and one Rock Maple dipped in cuprinol. Godfrey will know what that’s all about.

~david shipway

   sutil point (Cortes Island, BC)”

(David is one of the featured builders in Builders Of the Pacific Coast.)

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Old World Woodworking Tools


“Eric Hollenbeck is a master woodworker who owns and operates the Blue Ox Millworks in Eureka, CA. The Ox is a lovely short film about Hollenbeck directed by Ben Proudfoot…”

Sent by Kevin Kelly.

Also see: 

“Eric Hollenbeck, his family and staff welcome you to the Blue Ox Millworks, where the craftsmanship tools and techniques of the last century are utilized to produce authentic custom millwork for private homes and commercial buildings throughout the United States.  …”

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10-sided Timber Frame Structure in UK

I sent you a few photos back in summer of a small oak framed structure with a thatched/ shingled roof.

   I thought I would share with you a project I have just completed. The geometric patterns created in this 10 sided structure are amazing!

   I had 11 building craft apprentices working with me from the Prince’s Foundation for Building Community.

Jonny Briggs

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Mother Earth News' Natural Builders and Green Homes Directory

Mother Earth News is just starting this up. TMEN has something like half a million copies out per month, so this could be a good way for natural builders to get local work.

“If you are a natural or green builder, please add yourself to the map. The map is for anyone who builds green homes, such as passive solar homes, or builds using straw bale, cob, cordwood, timber frames, logs, earthbags, or other natural materials.…”

Click here.

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Timber Frame Building Near Fargo, North Dakota

October 7, 2013

To Shelter:

A quick photo update of a project I’ve been working on all summer. My role nearing completion.

-Owner builder frame, cut on site near Fargo, North Dakota

-Fluctuating itinerant crew of Tom Cundiff, Sean Struntz, Jayson Wilson and me

-Joinery and frame design by Andrea Warchaizer, Tom Cundiff, and me

-Architectural design by Andrea Warchaizer

-Timber supplied by Bruce Lindsey at Evergreen Specialties

Hope everyone is well…

Uh…am I unemployed now?


Adam Valesano

651 332-3925

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Slabs of Lumber, NYC

“More than three years ago, I began hauling logs on my trailer from NYC to Liberty, NY, where I have a mill. Every week was an adventure looking for wood and logs.

   I started out very small, going from tree cutter to private residences and municipal facilities to get trees. Loading them on my trailer and hauling them from Boston to Washington D.C., I was called ‘black lumberjack.’ The first time I heard it I was suprised but six months later I was completely fine with it.

   I have ventured into many back yards to retrieve fallen trees. Sometimes I am helped by the home owner or perhaps a neighbor with a loader helps out.

   I try my best to get as much info as I can about a tree from the owner and/or the tree cutter. I often have pictures and addresses for documentation.”

Click here.

From Jon Kalish

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A Bunch of Misc. On A Warm Blue-Sky Sunny Monday

Television of Late

Preceding the big game between the 49ers and Seahawks last week, a talentless babe sang an insipid song that ended with “…because the NFL rocks on NBC.” Barf. NBC piled on layers of shtick that made the game seem more showbiz than football.

Newsroom: the last 2 episodes were brilliant (“Election Night #1,” “Election Night #2). Lightning fast dialogue.

Woodworkers tool catalog:

North House Folk School is a wonderful place that offers a huge range of classes in traditional crafts. I recommend getting their catalog:

Outdoors Over an inch of rain a few days ago. The garden is loving it. Unusual this time of year. Tom Stienstra, SF Chronicle outdoors writer, says that the Ohlone (San Francisco’s native tribe) predicted a big winter when:

a) acorns dropped early

b) bears grew shiny winter coast early, and both things have happened this year. Here’s hoping…

Autumnal Equinox yesterday Autumn elsewhere is summer here in NorCal. It’s warm today, and nice feeling from moisture in the ground left by the rains.

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