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Axes Ziggy Loves

“I spend perhaps an inordinate amount of time looking at images of axes. There’s just something about them. I think that axes will never go out of fashion, nor will they cease to be useful in their multitude of functions. Over the hundreds of thousands of years they have been in use by humankind, any number of styles, shapes, and sizes have been made to perform a variety of splitting, chopping, and shaping work. It’s the sheer variety, and the craftsmanship that I am most attracted to, I think. Of course I love using them, too, probably more than any other hand tool.

To celebrate the axe and the people who continue to make them, here is a selection of 26 modern day (steel) axes made by a variety of craftspeople that are beautiful, functional, and swoon-worthy.…”  


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From Cheryl Long, Editor, The Mother Earth News

See also “Ziggy’s Cob Cottage,” pp.110-113, Tiny Homes: Simple Shelter

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Rolling with Simplicity in a Tiny House on Wheels

“In 2012 Alek Lisefski wasn’t sure where he would end up living, but he was certain that he didn’t want to pay a high rent. So the then-29-year-old freelance web designer took matters into his own hands and built a tiny house on an 8-by-20 flatbed trailer. In doing so he joined the tiny house movement — a growing group of people who live in houses around 200 square feet or less…”

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Tiny Home in New Zealand a True Mansion

“Her previous construction experience was a bookcase, but that has not stopped Lily Duval from building her own miniature house. The 27-year-old is two months into the build, and is on track to have most of the construction finished in another couple of months. She is building her house directly on a trailer on communal land in central Christchurch. At 5.5 meters long, 2.5m wide and 4.2m high, Duval’s house fits under the New Zealand Transport Authority’s definition of a light simple trailer…”

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