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Photos From Bay Area Perambulations Today

From top down:

-Elegant steep gable house on 28th Ave near Balboa in SF. How come you never see anything this cool in Dwell Magazine?

-House frame in Vallejo, hip roof, nice little understated dormer. You can learn a lot just studying this nicely-proportioned frame.

-If you remember when skateboards were like this, you are pretty old. In the 40s we used to take apart clamp-on-to-yr.-shoe skates and nail them on a piece of wood. This is in the window at The Purple Skunk Skate on Geary Blvd. in SF.

-Ducati on street in SF. I like seeing the frame, as with the house in Vallejo.

-Bambi Airstream, obviously a new one, Novato

Boy, I love getting out and around, shooting pics.

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Sleek Angle On a Community Garden Shed

“I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “garden shed,” I don’t immediately picture a gorgeous, sleek and impossibly well-designed structure.So I thought it was pretty great that for the Woodlands Community Garden Club in Vancouver, Brendan Collander Design and UBC architecture students so excellently thought “outside the shed” when designing this multifaceted and very attractive structure…”

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West Vancouver Rustic Waterfront Cabin for Sale

“… this is the best waterfront value in the Gulf Islands & only 8 min from Vancouver. 17,000 sq ft lot with 65 ft of WATERFRONT frontage. This rustic cabin is in original condition with lots of life left & an incredible waterfront view. Features include, low bank access to water, rain water catchment system. Private westerly facing lot with deep water moorage option directly in front of property. Can be sold together with Lot 40. Call listing agent for details…”

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How Tiny House Communities can Work for Both the Haves and the Have Nots

“Ryan Mitchell lives and breathes tiny houses. He has been running the popular website The Tiny Life for the past five years; is currently planning a tiny house conference for approximately 120 people in Charlotte, N.C., where he lives; and has written a book on tiny living that’s due to be published in July. To top it off, he recently finished construction on a tiny house of his very own…”

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Montana Mansion!

My boyfriend and I stumbled upon your book, Tiny Homes, and were so inspired by all the other tiny home dwellers around the world! We, too, have chosen to build ourselves a tiny home in the hills of Paradise Valley, Montana. We have lived here a whopping 4 weeks so far, battling the wind, snow and bitter cold, with nothing but a potbelly stove to warm us. But spring appears to be on the way! We’re crossing our fingers! Anyway, here are a couple of photos for you. We have a lot of work to do still (we haven’t even had a break in the weather to paint the exterior!), but we plan on being all buttoned up by mid-summer. I’d love to take and share more photos as we make progress!
Our tiny house, 16×14, 224 sq ft with Emigrant Peak reflecting in the window. The view from our front door, Emigrant Peak elev 10,915ft

It’s nearing dark so the lighting isn’t ideal for any interior photos. More to come! :)”

Kate & Sam, Emigrant, Montana…

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In Some Central Portland Neighborhoods, 1 in 10 New Homes is Now Tiny

“… Four years after Portland slashed its transportation and parks fees for “in-law” units and other secondary dwellings in hopes of increasing the housing supply in its most in-demand neighborhoods, the city has gotten its wish.

Though they’re still far from common — it’s only about 3 percent of new dwellings citywide, and fans say those that exist remain in hot demand — the backyards, cellar doors and underused garages of Portland’s central neighborhoods are rapidly filling up with “accessory dwelling units,” which the city defines as living spaces of 800 square feet or less that have an entrance, bathroom and kitchen to call their own…”

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Photos Yesterday in Monroe, North Carolina

Did I have fun yesterday! Breakfast at the Palace Restaurant in Monroe — was turned onto it by young locals at the Bibi Restaurant the night before — you want real local food? Well, yeh-us!…May have been best restaurant breakfast ever. Eggs scrambled in butter, creamy grits, crisp bacon, homemade biscuits and the capper: $3.80 + good coffee. Then I had a few hours before heading to the airport and I drove around shooting photos. The building are wonderful here, even the falling-apart ones. Learned that Monroe was THE big town in NC,before Charlotte rose to prominence. There were obviously some BUILDERS in Monroe in the day…I’m overwhelmed with things to do here, stuff to report from the trip, taking off for Hong Kong in 5 days…eek…

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