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Flat Earth Kayak Sails

From Godfrey Stephens this morning. If I had an ocean kayak, I’d sure get a sail. Hmmm…wonder if one of these would work on my 12′ aluminum boat. Use the wind when it’s there.

From Anthem cafe in Puyallup, overcast warm Monday morning. I’m getting ready to spend a day doing one of my favorite things: driving on unfamiliar country roads looking for barns to photograph. I love small American towns. It’s good for us coastal sophisticates to get out into the Other America once in a while.

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Sliding Barn Door Hardware

From Mike Litchfield:

“Just came across a site that you might find interesting, that makes high-quality sliding door hardware–aka barn door hardware. Of course, sliding doors require less room to operate than hinged doors in space-starved houses, especially if it is an oversized door. Problem is that most barn door glides aren’t precise and can jam. These guys feature a lot of stainless tracks and all the wheels have ball bearings. Looks like cool stuff.”

Click here.

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Yesterday I drove to Petaluma to shoot photos at the Tin Can Tourist trailer rally. This is a group founded in 1919 and these days it’s all about vintage trailers.

  I shot a bunch of homes in Petaluma and some farm buildings in the countryside, and also got photos of 3 trailers that will go in our Wheels & Water book. I’ll post some photos of Petaluma homes and countryside in the next few days.

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Barns of Utah and Idaho

Hi Lloyd

In reading one of your books (I think that it was Homework), you mentioned that you were contemplating doing a book on barns and that you wanted readers to send you materials about barns in our area. I live in Northern Utah and have attached two links to two pdf documents on barns in Southern Idaho and Northern Utah. I hope that you get a chance to review these documents as I believe that the information in these pdf documents are consistent with the type of information you put out in your books. There are a lot of great information and pictures in the pdf documents on barns. I enjoy reading your books and blog and thanks for sharing all the information about building!


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