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The People of Kau by Leni Riefenstahl

After our duck dinner Thursday night, Louie and Titch started looking at this book, which I had pulled out of the bookshelf a week before. We all started looking at it. The photos were stunning. We were fascinated. The photographer obviously had close and unusual rapport with these beautiful people. Used copies of the book are available online for $18-20.

Leni Riefenstahl was a very controversial artist — a dancer, swimmer, filmmaker, and photographer who is perhaps most famous for having produced The Triumph of the Will, which was used for propaganda by Hitler and the Nazi party in World war II. You can read about her on Wikipedia,

In a way, it reminds me of people I know, say high school and college friends who are Trump supporters. The latter fact doesn’t mean they are no longer my friends. People can be a combination of qualities. I can resonate with some people on many things, yet be on completely a different wave length on other subjects. Go figure.

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