2 Responses to Subaru Baja pickup truck in Santa Cruz

  1. Anonymous says:

    First time I've read your blog – really interesting – adding you to my favorites – we drive a Subaru Forester – never saw their pick-up – too bad they stopped making them – the cars last forever and ever – zero trouble. Later – Mary Ellen

  2. mauisurfer says:

    Subaru Baja pickups are excellent if you need awd (4wd) for mud/sand/snow. Reliable and cheaper running than any other awd. The awd actually used 2 very different systems on various models, both of which function very well. They actually have a limited slip rear end (as well as fwd), so they get up slippery hills that other 4wd's cannot. The far more common use of electronic slip control is cheaper to manufacture, but does not work anywhere near as well. It brakes the slipping rear wheel, transferring power to the other side. This is OK for getting out of mud/snow rut, but it impedes progress up a slippery hill. True limited slip engages both rear wheels when one side slips.
    They are lighter duty than the Tacoma (which I own, pulls a trailer, has a 3.4 liter v6), but cheaper running, and much more maneuverable.

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