Lesley's Open Studio

Lesley is having an open studio of her weaving (scarves, shawls, hats), quilts, and hand-spun wool over Thanksgiving weekend across the road from our home at 285 Dogwood Road. Info on all 19 Bolinas artists: www.coastalmarinartists.com. A couple of blocks down the road (165 Alder) is painter Dieter Tremp’s studio.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lesley's work is beautiful. Thank you for showing us.

    Just curious…the amount of her work which is shown in this photo, how long would this take to accomplish? A year or more?…

  2. I agree on this work being BEAUTIFUL. I would ask the same question…now long to accomplish this unique display of artwork? Love her choice of colors and variety. Wish I could come and see it all my self.

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    From Lesley: Thank you for your kind words.
    I enjoy working with my hands and making useful things !
    My shawls and scarves can take a week or so- not working 8 hrs a day, but a little every day. Setting up the loom for a project is the slowest part.
    The quilts are also worked for short periods of time, but most days until finished- and can take 3-5 months.
    Some of the work pictured, such as the quilts, was completed in the last 5 years, but weaving etc in the last year.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lesley (Lloyd)
    Thank you for the reply/info. After I posted suggesting "a year or more"…I started thinking, maybe more like five yrs, all told…grin.

    It is interesting to understand how long /how much work is involved. I hope when you set up for a show/sale, you have a card beside each to indicate roughly the hours/time etc…

    All told, beautiful work. I have always loved hand made "anything".

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