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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good post. Would be very good if every kid in school watched it.
    These sort of skills (dish washing / floor sweeping) are often unknown to today's "youth"/young adults.

    Looks pretty similar to what we did on the farm (back about a hundred yrs ago, grin). We had no running water or electricity, so our hot water tank was the reservoir on the end of our wood burning stove.

  2. Gam Kau says:

    Loved this post! There are really great chain mail scrubbers that are indestructible, better than those store bought metal scrubbers.

  3. Sel says:

    I moved out of my parents house right after I graduated high school. I was 17 and too poor to have the electric turned on but there was gas left in a bottle tank for the stove. I had no hot water. I had a friend who was about 30 years older and seem to have a million tips and tricks.
    I'd heat water on the stove. My buddy showed me the best way to rinse soapy dishes was to pour really hot water in one side of the double sink to rinse the dishes. You just dip your finished soapy dishes in the hot water; nothing vigorous, just slide the item into the hot water and back out. It works! There is no waste by running water over and over to rinse dishes.
    Glad you guys are far from that fire.

  4. Laura says:

    Lloyd, I love your life! I could watch your videos all day long!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This reminded me of washing dishes in Holland. There the soapy water is not rinsed off before the dishes are towel dried and placed back in their cupboards. Which reminds me of Dutch toilets that have a shelf built into the toilet bowl that allows one to,………never mind. Love to Bolinas.

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