Washing Dishes

We wash dishes by hand (in a rectangular Rubbermaid dishpan), rinse and place in this drying rack/storage unit, built maybe 20 years ago by Lew Lewandowski.

When we had goats, I had installed a dishwasher, but found that we practically had to wash the dishes first (so as not to have food particles going into the septic system). Plus it used a lot of water and electricity, so I took it out and we’ve used this system ever since.

Another feature in this kitchen is a 5-gallon electric water heater right under the sink. While I’m not fond of electrically-heated water, this unit is so small, it’s energy-efficient, and we get instant hot water.

We use rubber spatulas to get food off plates, pots, and pans; edible scraps go to chickens, non-edibles (coffee grounds, avocado pits, etc.) go in a stainless step-operated trash can for the compost pile.

After I finish the book on the ’60s, I plan to do one titled The Half-Acre Homestead, all that I’ve learned abut building and raising food over 50 years.

Apropos of nothing here, the Amazon series “Sneaky Pete” is wonderful. Great story, fabulous acting all around.

I’m off for Oregon early tomorrow morning.

4 Responses to Washing Dishes

  1. Stephen says:

    I really like the concept there. Looking forward to your new book(s) as well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Kind of wish you were doing The Half-Acre Homestead first – excellent tips.

  3. Laura says:

    Super idea for a book Lloyd! I am totally enamored of your life! (In a non-stalkerish way. 🙂 ) I will buy anything you print!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are an inspiring human. Really can't wait to see/read/share your forthcoming Half-Acre Homestead book, the world needs it now.

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