Latcho Drom - "Song to Boy" / "Balada Conducatorolui"


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  1. "The bad leader, he took away our food, took away our heating and, at the end, took away out electric power…" It is a ballad about the 1989 Romanian Revolution and the fall of the dictator Ceausescu.

  2. mauisurfer says:

    Perhaps I should be less categoric. When Brooks Stevens started out this was a Studebaker project, using Lark chasis, then Stude cancelled. The original roadster model was high performance fairly light at 2650#, with 4 sp manual trans. As the years went by, each model got heavier with bigger engine and more anti smog controls,
    and more luxury features, so performance actually got worse while weight went up.
    I think your picture is perhaps series 3 or 4 Phaeton.
    I don't think there was ever an Excalibur that performed as well as contemporaneous Corvette.

  3. Anonymous says:

    not your usual, but two cute little boys

    gotta smile

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