Slice of #onion going into new batch of pickled #eel

4 Responses to Slice of #onion going into new batch of pickled #eel

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is a beautiful photo art, all by itself.

    You (sounds like) making your own pickled eel? Suspect it might smell like/taste like pickled Herring? As a kid, my folks always had a small "barrel" of pickled Herring. Always LOVED the smell, still do. Never could eat them, (then or now). Just cant get past the "texture".

  2. nils says:

    Excellent Lloyd! Would you mind sharing the full recipe? My son loves eel in every form and color (don't worry, I don't put him on psychodelics).

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Tell him to look up a recipe for ceviche, and just substitute eel for halibut or whatever fish is in the recipe.

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