Marijuana: Know Thy Grower

Years ago I reasoned that some commercial pot growers would resort to insecticides if they were faced with losing an entire crop due, say, to spider mites. I thought of people buying organic produce at Whole Foods, then smoking marijuana that had been sprayed with toxic chemicals. A friend of mine said, “They’re smoking paraquat.”

Pot smokers, beware. Here is a Google search I did today on the subject:

The big commercial operators have a way different modus operandi than people who grow outdoors, with untreated water, compost, organic supplements, and sunshine. No electricity for light or fans, no chemical fertilizers or insecticides, no soil-less, hydroponic wizardry.

AND — I’ve had conversations with people about vaporizers, costing between $200-600. “Oh, way too expensive.” Well, how much are your lungs worth?

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  1. I saw a bottle of Paraquat in a tobacco barn in Western Ky. It was in the late 70's, the barn had to be almost a century old by then. Rich dark smell of thousands of pounds of burley tobacco being smoked in that barn. Hung to the rafters with brown leaves.
    Sitting there pretty as your please, an old brown bottle with a parchment poison label, "Paraquat". I didn't dare touch it.

  2. bayrider says:

    I wanted to try a portable vaporizer on the cheap, so ordered the Airis Viva from Chinese site for only $24 with shipping and insurance. It works great for personal consumption, I'm perfectly happy with it. It's def the way to go, no stress on the lungs at all.

    I returned yesterday to Tucson from a special run up to Cortez CO, my first visit ever to legal dispensaries. It was a great experience! Everything sold in CO is labeled tested by law for contaminants.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, just like about everything else. If you do it yourself at least you know what your getting.

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