One Response to Lake Shasta is at 75% Capacity

  1. Steve says:

    Your title is a bit misleading. Shasta is at 75% of capacity, which at this time of year is 118% of what is usually stored. Most dams keep an actual account of what is currently stored and what is incoming. They also keep the same records for the dam by date to use for regulating the dam during storms and other occurrences. My father was the water master of the Kaweah River which is currently at 14% of capacity, but 155% of normal. We sit along the demarcation of northern storms that you might get, and southern storms. That means we sometimes don't get rain that Northern CA areas get.

    Thanks for the info. We drove by Kaweah Lake yesterday and were commenting on how low the lake was in comparison to the high river flow upstream in Three Rivers where they were concerned about flooding.

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