#eels from north of Tomales Bay yesterday. (In 5-gal. bucket.)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the Eels photos and washtub, too..

    What I came to mention to you, and maybe you know…

    Just saw an interview with Sun Ray, and review of his RV, and the Camper truck he pulls it with, and some on his Homestead/lifestyle. Loved it..

    What surprised me, was,
    I had clicked on to the show "Extreme RVs" , and they were going on about one of the usual million dollar (or two million) RVs they were customizing, and suddenly that clicked out and I was watching this bit on Sun Ray. Almost think it was some kind of mistake, but I was glad to see it…

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Anonymous — can you give me a link to the bits on SunRay? Cannot find…

  3. Anonymous says:


    right after I saw it on "Extreme RVs", I went and googled and googled, but could not find any shows with it.

    I seldom go to the Extreme RVs, as they are one to two million each, and seem silly to me.

    Only went there today as am feeling miserable from cold/flu, and was just listening to it.

    Imagine my surprise, when I was hearing about the fancy RV, and then "suddenly" I hear Sun Ray's voice (somehow I was sure it was him even though I have not actually heard him speak).

    very nice piece on Sun Ray.

    At first, I thought it was an accident, but them I watched the end, where they re cap "bits" of the show, and sure enough Sun Ray was there.

    will scout around and see if I can find anything.

  4. Anonymous says:

    it should be on here,


    but when I search the site, cannot find any mention of Sun Ray.

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