Surfers to the Roadside Rescue

Last night I was heading home after visiting friends in Mill Valley and saw a couple trying to flag down cars on Panoramic Highway, without success. I asked if they needed help; they were visitors from France, had a dead battery. I didn’t have jumper cables. I spotted a car full of guys and surfboards and waved them down. One of them looked at mer and said, “Hey, are you Lloyd?” Sure enough they had cables and got the car started.

2 Responses to Surfers to the Roadside Rescue

  1. Occam says:

    Nice to meet you Lloyd! We've got to get you some jumper cables!

    The reason I knew who you were is because my wife and I operate a small mobile home park business. A little bigger than Tiny Homes and often with less enthusiasm but that's what we're trying to change. We've both read your books in search of inspiration for the communities we help manage. I'd love to chat with you about bringing cooperative spirit into these mobile home communities. Call or email anytime and I'll promise to keep pulling over for battery challenged travellers! Invite me over for dinner and I'll bring you a pair of jumpers!

    William Hayes Noel.

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