Bug in Berkeley today

I’ve owned 4 of them. To have owned one is to love them. Drove cross country, NY to San Francisco both in 1957, again in winter 1960 with 3 adults, one baby/100 gallons coast-to-coast, gas 40 cents per gallon=$40 total; went thru snowstorms, 35 horsepower…

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  1. I had two bugs and a square back. The square back had the side windows removed and fiberglassed in. Whoever did it did a damn good job.It looked like it was all original. And like you said…go anywhere and always get there, with maybe some help from a random paper clip (throttle linkage, Aspen, 1975) or a piece of rope. (crank/alternator Lompoc, same year)

    Where's the baby from that trip? He/she would be about the same age as me. Doing well, I hope.

    I never had a transporter, much to my dismay. But I ain't dead yet.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Here's to John Muir who, in my mind, helped start the DIY movement w/ his VW books.

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