Beware, White Man…

“Beware, white man, of playing with magic of the primitive. 

It may be strong medicine.

It may kill you.

Ye, sons and daughters, foster children of the cities, if ye would go to the wilderness in search of your Mother, be careful and circumspect, lest she lure you into her secret places, whence ye may not come back.”

-Jaime de Angulo, The Lariat

3 Responses to Beware, White Man…

  1. Awesome reference, boss. I just googled him and was somewhat surprised not to see Carlos Castenada's name somewhere in there. But then I gotta say, the names I did see were good enough. Miller, Kerouac, et al the Sur boys…can't wait to read the Lariat.

  2. crap its $15 on amazon!(i only do e-books these days).

    Oh well. Gotta buy it. Guess that's why I have a job.

    Note: It just occurred to me that I don't have a single one of your books. That's crazy! But remember, I am only a simple carpenter and bicycle rider. We tend not to have a lot of extra money. So how about a package deal? All-in-one kind of thing?

    I put up a homeless family in a beachside motel last night for two days. It cost me $300. For some reason, I have been doing a lot of that kind of thing lately. I spent last thursday riding around handing out twenty dollar bills to panhandlers. I gave a prostitute a hundred dollars to call her mom in Ohio. (for whatever reason, Ohio seems to send an inordinate number of lost young girls to Florida).

    But then, Florida does seem to be something of a repository for the Lost. Maybe we should raise out prices, like Marin County. Then they would all go to Alabama. (Alabama, in fact, is one of America's secret treasures. The racism of the past and plain dumbness of her politics and people have (perhaps purposely) obscured the natural beauty and rich vitality of the place. I spent several years there building commercial restaurants and every single town was a delight and the surrounding countryside unbelievably diverse and filled with surprise.)

    But I'm not bragging about my voyages of discovery or my low-ball philanthropy. What I am doing is drinking shots of rum-with-beer and rambling on the keyboard. I do a lot of that.

    So: A Labor Day Sale! I'm blowing money like a sailor on leave so come on, boss, throw down a deal! All the e-books for one unbelievably low price…

    (I'm only doing e-books these days because I am about to go homeless on purpose and once and for all. Boxes of books just don't work out in a bicycle and tent life…)

  3. Lloyd Kahn says:

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