New Zealand town with 'too many jobs' offering packages of land and homes for $165k

“The southern New Zealand town of Kaitangata appears the prime example of the pastoral landscapes the island is known for; it’s lush, hilly, green, and peaceful. Only about 800 people live there, and it’s a mere eight minutes from the coastline.

For those who prefer the rural, slow lifestyle and community feel in their living environment, it’s basically perfect.

And here’s the best part: New Zealand desperately wants you to move there. Seriously. The small town is a heavily involved in necessary industries relating to dairy processing and freezing works, which more than fill the area’s economic needs.

In this very unique case, that presents a real problem: there are around 1,000 vacant jobs and too much affordable housing for the residents to fill.…”

By Alyssa Pereira

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