Small Homes Book Production Full Speed Ahead

The book is about two thirds done now—the most complicated one I’ve done so far; 80+ contributors, and lots of correspondence going back and forth, getting large enough photo files, more information, enough material to do layout.

I’m going to back way off on posting here in coming months, in order to get the book finished.

Friday when I was in San Francisco, I shot this picture of the building where I worked for five years as an insurance broker—corner of California and Sansome. I was on the sixth floor. If you count up to the third row of windows in the red brick part of the building and then across to the sixth window on the right, that’s where my office was. I was standing looking out that window the day JFK was assassinated.

I lasted until 1965, until along came rock and roll and everything else, and I gave up commerce for artistic freedom…

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  1. Anonymous says:

    historical, — did you see the assignation?

    re giving up insurance broker for what came after…

    no idea what went in between then and when I came to read your blog/books, few yrs back,
    but suspecting if you had remained insurance broker, much good would not have happened…

    for my part, I have benefited from/enjoyed your wit/wisdom on the blog, the books, and the community here in…


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