Back in the USSR

Driving for 10 days on the wrong side of the road in Scotland was really stressful,  I think partly because I’ve been driving since age 14, over half a million miles of doing it one way. Ingrained habits…

I picked up a car in Edinburgh and was immediately terrified in the “roundabouts.” Cars pouring in from 4 directions, weaving in and out. “Give way to the cars on your right,” said Diana, and I used this as a mantra in the roundabouts. I ended up driving the last 2 days in a part of Scotland (near Irvine) that was peppered with roundabouts. Sheesh! I got better with experience, but it was still stressful..

The cabbie on the way to the airport navigated them smoothly, hardly slowed down.

It’s such a relief to be back the right (sic) side of the road.

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  1. I spent a week in England and had the same experience. The narrow road walled in by high hedges were more a concern than the round-abouts. We're starting to get more and more round-abouts here in US, but they no longer terrify me.

  2. Loretta says:

    We entered a roundabout in Edinburgh and went around about 4 times before we could get out. We also thought the Scots were nice on a one lane road when they pulled over to let us pass..until we realized they pulled over for the car that was meeting us head-on. It was embarrassing.

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