Thatched stone cottage for sale on Scottish island, $115,000

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  1. Anonymous says:


    when I win that lottery, will pick it up,
    and you too can use it on your exploits (gratis)…

  2. Klaas V. says:

    Hello Lloyd,

    Yes, Scotland is very beautiful. My family and I were there last summer for three weeks. Apart from pissing rain for every single day, the views were stunning. Peace and quiet.
    If you have the chance, visit the "walled garden" at applecross. It's a great little restaurant with a big walled garden. vegetables come from there, the fish is caught by the chef himself.
    Wonderful place. Great food.

    greetings, Klaas.

  3. I had my suspicions about this place, expecting it to be some kind of semi-derelict ruin, so I found the real estate web page at

    I was wrong! It looks to be beautifully maintained little property. One point though: it is a FORMER thatched cottage but now seems to have a nice slate roof. Although Hebridean cottages were traditionally thatched, this was probably through necessity rather than choice. The climate is mild but wet and stormy, so a thatched roof would need a lot of maintenance to prevent it becoming a leaky, elevated compost heap.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Peter Robinson
    thank you for the link…nice to have a look.

    Slate roof is even better, to my mind, less to worry on.

    Yup, when I win that lottery, may still pick it up.

    wonder how much land it comes with, couldn't find that?

    Have to admit, although the inside was neat and tidy, didn't really match my idea of a "old Scottish Cottage". Still and all, nice to have a place in Scotland (grin).

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