Stone Cottage Overlooking Sea On Scottish Island

Everything here is perfect. It’s one of the buildings where I just say to myself, oh yeah!

The rounded, angled-out corners, the  proportions, the deep wall openings, the red roof.

According to an historical account which I read, some 14 farm families were forced to leave their land by landlords in the mid-1800s, and resettled on a more remote and less fertile part of the island. This is one of the dwellings; in its day, it would have had a thatched roof.

And with this I conclude posts from Scotland. I’m back in the saddle at home and back at work on Small Homes.

4 Responses to Stone Cottage Overlooking Sea On Scottish Island

  1. Christine says:

    I love the 'eavestrough'.

    I would love to see inside shots of this building. Was wondering what it would have been like to have my landlord tell me to buzz out. Nasty business.

  2. Sheket says:

    Love this remote beauty (or, at least it looks remote!)

  3. Anonymous says:

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