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My trip to Scotland was an overwhelmingly wonderful experience. 30 days of people who were friendly, cheerful, and helpful—civilized society!

I shot maybe 1000 photographs, with three different cameras. I posted (mostly photos) on Instagram and this blog almost every day.
I could do a book on this trip, but the reality, the priority right now, is to get our new book, Small Homes, finished.

So I will be posting less for a while, and certainly not posting daily.

I had an epiphany, as they say, yesterday: I can reach a lot more people by turning out books than I can by posting things on my blog or via Instagram—at least with my present internet followers (about 500 people a day).

Plus the feedback from our books is phenomenal. Just about daily: people inspired, lives changed, abilities discovered.

I want to get this book finished and then try to get one new book published each year (instead of one book every 2-3 years, as now).

I’m thinking of three possibilities for the book after this one:

Trips I’ve taken over the past 40 years, with photos and text. Readers can ride shotgun with me.

• My favorite builders: about six or seven of them, describing not only their work, but their personalities. I just love all these guys.

Barns: a scrapbook of my photos over the years and reference to the many (not well-known) books I’ve accumulated on barns; we have over 3 feet of barn books in our shelves.

So it’s back to book making for me. I’m really excited by this new one. I’m gonna get oan wi it.

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7 Responses to Back to Book Production

  1. R.Mason says:

    Hi Lloyd, I'd vote Barns! Can't wait to read Small Homes.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Barns! because, sadly, they're not making more of them… yet.
    (Maybe after I manage to get a "hipster barn" ahead of the trend.)


  3. Anonymous says:

    If you did a book on your favourite builders it would also be interesting to hear about the principles behind how they design and lay out their spaces. In Builders of the Pacific Coast, I found the technique for placing windows that Lloyd House used with Stefan's House fascinating (but completely sensible). How the builders in your books approach the art of building homes differently than the norm has always been one of the most interesting aspects to me.

  4. Kristin says:

    Builders please!

  5. Yes, Builders would be excellent!

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Laura says:

    Darling Lloyd– I have ALL your books (except the one on septic tanks!), and I will buy anything you have a mind to publish! I would be happy with Barns, Trips or Builders. If I had to choose, it would be Trips! (My six-year-old daughter chooses Trips, too!) I have loved all the Scotland pictures.

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