Nice small home in Berkeley

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  1. Anonymous says:

    love it…the whole package (so to speak), just looks "right"…

  2. Anonymous says:

    An award-winning prototype shows one idea to help the homeless

    American Institute of Architects Chicago held a design competition for concept homes smaller than 350 square feet that could help homeless youth rebuild their lives.

    built a prototype on the UIC campus. The cost, amazingly, rang in just under $25,000.

    It truly is tiny: only 336 square feet—less than two standard parking spots.

  3. Anonymous says:

    55 inch wide house
    The very narrow house that spite built: 55inch-wide home built on a sliver of land in a legendary neighborly spat over land use hits the market for an impressive $519,900

    The 860-square-foot home is 15 feet wide at its broadest point and just 55 inches wide at its thinnest
    Known locally as Montlake Spite House, it is rumored to be the result of a nasty argument between neighbors
    Legend has it that such a low amount of money was offered for the land, the owner decided to build the tiny home
    Now, however, the brightly lit, two-story space offers two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living rooms

  4. Anonymous says:

    seen this one?

    it is the best "re done" airstream I have seen
    very cool

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