Earthbag Tiny Home, Nubian Adobe Vault Construction

“The Regenerative Home design uses the Hiperadobe system (a type of Earthbag earthen wall) for the walls, and an ancient Nubian adobe vault method to enclose the space. This was used by humanitarian architect Hassan Fathy. It is still popular today in many countries because it minimizes the use of wood by replacing it with earth, and is very durable. Similar adobe vaults that are thousands of years old still stand today. The Regenerative Home uses this age-old roofing technique with additional reinforcement to ensure safety and longevity.”

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  1. Ross Jacka says:

    You probably have seen this but the other thing to do with Nubian vault or dome construction is to semi fire it by filling it with wood and setting it on fire. This has been tried at Auraville.

  2. The Regenerative Home is a permaculture palace. Thank you for posting this, Lloyd!
    -Scott Howard

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