Boosted #motorskateboard at Wise Surf Shop, San Francisco

via Instagram:

Bob Wise said, “Try it out.” I hesitated, not having been on a skateboard for 3+ months. “Come on,” he said, and we went outside. He showed me how to use the handheld wireless throttle, and it was remarkable. I’m gonna go back and suit up and take it for a longer ride. Fun! No intention of buying one ($1500), but Wise seems to be OK with me taking a cruise. It’s got forward/backward controls, you use the latter for braking. It’ll go uphill. I now have an arm brace for my recently fractured wrist, slowly working my way back into skating. A lot more careful from here on out.

4 Responses to Boosted #motorskateboard at Wise Surf Shop, San Francisco

  1. PG Geoff says:

    Back in the saddle again!

  2. Adam Smith says:

    Lloyd, I recently purchased this puppy and I love it:

    The best part about it is the big rubber wheels mean carefree cruising over all the patches, potholes and pebbles that are a fact of life on the street. This thing just glides over all of it. Highly recommend

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