Tough Toyota 4x4

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  1. Anonymous says:

    a MUCH more sad Truck Story

    seems kinda dodgy…..

    At more than $115,000, plus the loss of livelihood and future income, it could be the most expensive penalty ever paid for careless parking in Calgary.

    That’s what Lukas Pesut gets for leaving his truck in the wrong place, after parking the heavily-modified Chevy pick-up in front of a friend’s house while on an extended visit back to Europe to care for his ailing mother.

    “He basically left to care for his sick mother, only to come back and find his livelihood has been taken away.”

    In short, the truck had been sold; auctioned off by the city on Jan. 13 for $18,500.60 dollars, just 36 days after it was towed from Seymour Ave. S.W. for not displaying the correct permit in a two-hour residential parking zone.

    The truck, outfitted with a special hydraulic hoist for work in the pipe industry, also contained an estimated $30,000 to $35,000 worth of tools and equipment, the majority of it locked inside a special heavy-duty container.

    The city followed the rules to the letter, where after 21 days in the impound lot, any “abandoned” vehicle worth saving is sent for auction.

    “We empathize with Mr. Pesut in this situation and we wish that he had reached out to arrange something with us prior to leaving Canada,” said Mike Derbyshire, general manager, Calgary Parking Authority.

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