Canadian Home in Our Book Inspires Home in Tasmania

Hey Lloyd, hope you are well and working hard at it on your next project!

My name is Pete Robey and my wife Blythe and I live in Tasmania. The little island attached to the bottom of Australia.
Thought I would share with you that our house is the first approved cordwood home in Australia.
It is currently featured in Australia’s Owner Builder magazine.
You can get a link here at the bottom of the page:

I bought your 3 books: Shelter, Builders of the Pacific Coast, and Homework early on before we had even confirmed style.

The Baird House from page 28-31 of Builders of the Pacific Coast just grabbed me. Thanks Mike Baird and to you too Lloyd (House) for this inspiration.

We designed our home with the same ideal: every room and every area of the home can pretty much engage with every other area of the home. The village TeePee idea.

We have a massive 4ft diameter, 20 ft long tree holding up the earth roof and our 2nd story doesn’t go all the way to the middle so we have plenty of space.

We don’t have stairs, preferring to use a gym rope as exercise to get to the 2nd floor.

Catch you later.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    posted link doesn't work

  2. Martin says:

    Try the link at the bottom of the first paragraph

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Martin..yes, works great.

    love the home.

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