Photo #7, windmill keepers house out by beach

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  1. Anonymous says:

    beautiful bunch of pictures/artwork photos. Thank you.

    love them all. Appreciate viewing them.

  2. rj says:

    Very nice set.

  3. A picture of this house next to the windmill would have been apt here. But I can imagine moving into a house like this. Quiet, serene and with a gorgeous view of the beach perhaps?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Small Community of Tiny Homes For Sale in Highlands, NJ
    on February 9, 2016

    This is a large community of tiny homes for sale in Highlands, New Jersey. There are a total of 11 tiny homes in different sizes and conditions.

    The eBay bid price is currently $239,500 for the houses with a stellar water view.

    The homes surround a central courtyard and would be a perfect fix-er upper opportunity for folks hoping to live with like-minded tiny house enthusiasts

    by city ordinance they can be used for year-round dwelling if not seriously altered.

    Five of the homes are 12×20 feet and five larger homes are 14×18 feet and there is one two-story main house.

    (((my gosh…seems like a amazing opportunity))

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sale Listing for above NJ Tiny House Compound

    TINY HOME COMPOUND- 11 homes & land, waterview! Jersey Shore

    A 1920's summer bungalow colony- 10 "tiny homes", and 1, two story main home. All on one waterview lot, nicely located on a peninsula of sunny land with excellent center courtyard. In downtown Highlands, NJ, steps from Sandy Hook Bay (with waterviews of river and ocean waves in the background).

    All cottages are structurally solid, with good frames and newer foundations, but need new windows, doors, refinished floors (all orignal long leaf in every cabin)

    as well as new asphalt roof singles., etc

  6. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Thanks! Going up on thesheltetrblog.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Young Family Transforms Old School Bus Into Beautiful Cottage On Wheels

    Jeremy, with decades of experience in carpentry and auto body work, built all of the furniture and walls/ceilings/floors himself, while Mira interior designed and inputted her design ideas into every step of the building process. The two say that living in a home built entirely by them is “simply inexplicable.”

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