Interview About My Layout Style (and More)

The big news around here regarding our next book, Small Homes, now in production, is that we decided to postpone the publication date until spring, 2017.

It takes us an enormous amount of time to put a book like this together.

Also, this book is looking so good, and will be so relevant to so many people, that we want to take our time and do it well.

Here (today) I’m working on the most complicated two pages so far in the book. When I started I had no idea how it was going to come together (or if it would).

But starting did the trick; in over two days it worked itself out. 22 photos with fact-filled captions.

Here’s an interview of me done a few months ago by Natalie So, where I talk about layout and beyond:

Photo:Evan Kahn

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  1. Unknown says:

    Feel free to take all the time that you need! If it's not fun don't do it!! The books that you so graciously share with all of us are treasured items that will live on long after we leave this planet, heritage heirlooms of what is possible if you let your mind and imagination expand! Thank you to you and the whole team! I gave my neighbor a copy of "Tiny Homes On The Move" and these youngsters and it left them bug eyed and speachless. Bingo!!!!

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