Ford Transit Connect Minivan

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Spotted this yesterday. I believe it’s a European design; good head room, still somewhat aerodynamic-looking. Sliding doors on both sides. Now if it just came in 4 Wheel Dr.

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  1. gonebeyond says:

    These used to be made in Turkey, are now made in France. There were some modifications made to the vehicles to get around the 25% chicken tax. The Feds finally cracked down on this practice.

    The trucks were shipped as passenger vans to the US. Once customs was cleared, the seats and windows were ripped out and panels added to convert them into vans.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have seen these vans around/something similar. I like that they seem sturdy, a handy person could make quite the tiny home/travel home in one.

    I wonder though, to me they look as if the center of gravity is "off", and that they would therefore tip easy/not be safe…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Look up "sprinter van" & "custom" for some really tricked-out van conversions (they're a little too luxe for me, but it's impressive what you can do with interiors now – paneling, touchscreens, lights etc all built in.) They would probably confound anyone suspicious of a "hippie" van though – definitely under the radar.

  4. These have been around in North America since 2009. Meanwhile the similarly sized Nissan NV200 is also available, including a version used as taxis. Chevrolet sells a re-badged, re-grilled version of the NV200 they call the City Express. Electric version are on the way, if not here already. I've seen a couple of Transit Connects modified for full time nomading, complete with solar.

  5. This vehicle is built in Turkey and Spain (Valencia), not in France. No Ford branded car has been produced in France since the early fifties. Automatic transmissions were made in Bordeaux since 1972 in a plant that is now jointly owned with German company Getrag.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mercedes sprinter has a 4X4 version available in Canada

  7. Anonymous says:

    another nice van conversion

    It Started As A Normal Van, But With A Bit Of Work, She Turned It Into A Cozy Home

    FEBRUARY 18, 2016 — By Tim Unkenholz 

     LIFE

    Tim Unkenholz

    In the midst of a condo renovation, a move, a job, and caring for her father with dementia, Chris of Defying Normal somehow found time to work on her passion project — transforming an old white van into a camper. In addition to running water, she added solar power, a bed, and a sweet TV projector. It may have taken her two years and eight months to complete, but considering all that was going on in her life — and the fact that she had no prior experience in construction — this is still pretty impressive!

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