Coyote by roadside last night

via Instagram:

I’ve had a number of coyote encounters. They’re unlike any other animals; they seem to tune into you, like they half-way want to play. Trickster of the Miwok people. Poem of Jaime de Angulo, from Coyote’s Bones:

Coyote, ululating on the hill,

is it my fire that distresses you so?

Or the memories of long ago

when you were a man roaming the hills.


2 Responses to Coyote by roadside last night

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have suspected they often do want to play. they seem to show up a lot in human habitation/human situations. not much reason to fear humans, these days…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Maybe these coyotes are stoned..

    Coyotes Staring Down Drivers May Be Stoned

    They may have consumed hallucinogenic mushrooms

    Newser) – In Canada, coyotes build snowmen. In Marin County, Calif., they get high on mushrooms—or so it seems. At least one and possibly two coyotes have been spotted acting a bit oddly along Highway 1 near Bolinas, reports Pacific Sun. Residents describe an animal forcing nighttime drivers to stop on the twisting highway, staring them down, and attacking their vehicles before taking flight

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