Small homes in Berkeley #5

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a 5th generation NorCal/Bay Area resident and have as of late been so overwhelmed with the masses that are now living in California that I have seriously been considering pulling up roots and moving. It has been an at times wrenching prospect that I discuss with my 6th generation daughter…where do we go? How do we leave our home? Should we?
    Your little gems such as these simple but somehow amazing photos of Berkeley bungalows remind me of the soul that still weaves it's way through our burdened culture, and is a
    reminder to me that I can easily still find the "there" there if I just keep my eyes open. It is a reminder to me that maybe it is what is inside me that is "going away" and that really being in a certain place is just as much our own internal perception as much as external.
    Thank you

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