"Riding the Rails: Northern California's Golden Age of Surfing" 14-min. trailer

Chris Thompson just sent me this trailer of his documentary, and it knocked me out. How rare it is these days to have someone that gets it. This is the real stuff. Rod is power personified, jeez was he rolling here, the Van Dykes, my lord…

If you know any old surfers, send them this.

4 Responses to "Riding the Rails: Northern California's Golden Age of Surfing" 14-min. trailer

  1. crowldawg says:

    Sent to my old surf buddy. Thank You.

  2. bayrider says:

    Great guys, all a generation before me. I saw Beach Blanket Bingo, Ride the Wild Surf etc in Germany around 1964 when I was 10, I was completely captivated. It was my lucky fate to find myself on the North Shore of Oahu just a few years later in 1968-70 and actually surfing on borrowed boards! Set the tone for my life even though I would never claim to be a true surfer. I ended up a windsurfer, far more accessible than surfing as you can do it on or off waves and on rivers and lakes. But I often thought of the old time surfers and figured windsurfing was at a similar stage, no more than a few hundred of us up and down the CA coast back in the 80s and 90s, everybody knew each other and would run into one another from Baja to the Columbia River Gorge. I still don't have any goals… other than to kiteboard.

  3. Farken' AWESOME and so very true! I'm typing this as my Johnny Rice (R.I.P., brother) board lies by me patiently waiting for the next swell! Mahalo Nui Loa for posting this!
    Aloha y'all!

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