Good Architecture in Berkeley

I really like this. The curved roofs, the corrugated siding (never needs paint), the nifty balconies, the alternating symmetries…

Kudos to the good architects, of whom there are unfortunately few these days.

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  1. Selwyn Gossett says:

    The corrugated siding: anyone have any idea what it is, what it's called, where you can get some? especially get some on the east coast (Florida)?

  2. Lloyd Kahn says:

    It's roofing. Ask any building supplies place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Can you tell if the architects are good without seeing the inside of the building, and/or seeing if it functions as intended?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Eh, a collection of cliches, destined to be landfill; and, nothing ever "needs" paint.

  5. PGGeoff says:

    Anonymous; Enjoy it for what it is, we're all destined to be landfill

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm seeing a bit more of the galvanized corrugated siding being used here on the wet coast (BC). I quite like the look when it is used in conjunction with wood. Plus the zinc in the galvanizing keeps moss/mold etc. from growing on the wood (like the zinc strip I use on my roof). Beautiful and functional!

  7. I notice that some of the windows have louvered shades on them and some don't. Is this a retrofit solution to a sun glare problem? Also, where does the rain that falls on the roof go? There do not seem to be any downspouts and there are what appear to be roof extensions to prevent water from pouring down the walls or soaking into the ends of the roof beams. Maybe it doesn't rain much in Berkeley?

    Sorry to be so critical, but I too work on the wet coast and have become accustomed to thinking like a drop of water!

  8. Excellent as stand along single units on a wild coast or mountainside. Otherwise way too dense. Make love quietly on a summer night!!! Like marina tenement living. As one giant house for one family? Groovy….. with walkways all between the units!

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