Doggie Diners

Doggie Diners were hot dog/hamburger stands in San Francisco in the ’50s, known for their 7′ high revolving fiberglass heads of a perky dachshund. Someone has apparently salvaged and repainted these three.

Melinda Koustousov shot this photo of them, mounted on a flatbed truck in the Mission district last weekend.

2 Responses to Doggie Diners

  1. mike says:

    These buildings are your Future Tudor architecture.They must be preserved!

  2. gonebeyond says:

    The Doggie Diner Head Restoration is the work of John Law, one of the fathers of the San Francisco Cacophony Society and a spiritual if not actual father of the Burning Man.

    For many years, he created all of the neon in the Man's construction which went up in flames.

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